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Monday, June 9

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise: Mysterious “Waves” Reunite Family

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Jeanine- Head Reporter

 “I saw bumps in the water. At first, I thought they were just                           little waves, but boy, I was wrong.” Darcy, a 7-year old explained. The other day, her family got separated when their boat got split in half in the middle of the ocean. “We tried paddling in the water but the waves were pushing us the other way.”
“We just drifted away from each other. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced.” Rachel, Darcy’s mother continued. After hours of moving away from the rest of their family, something happened that was truly unbelievable.
“Then we were lifted up! I looked down and it was a giant wave! I told my mommy that it was someone making these ‘waves’ but she said that it was just luck. But I didn’t believe her. I knew that someone magical in the water helped us.” Darcy exclaimed.
Soon after, they spotted the rest of their family a few yards away. The current brought them safely to shore. The next thing Darcy said may be true, but you never know what goes on in a little girl’s mind.
“I whispered, ‘thank you’ to the person who saved us. Then, in my head, I heard a loud voice say, ‘ You’re welcome, Darcy.’”
“ Well there you have it folks, the story of the mystery waves.” I concluded.

Wednesday, March 12

Aliens!? Really!?

        Did Aliens Make These Statues?

            The question that many people, kids and adults, are asking is: Do aliens really exist? Do they come out from time to time in their invisible spaceship? Of course, not. They also did not make the statues. Long ago, people called Rapanui settled on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Today it is known as Easter Island. They farmed and cleared the forest. The Rapanui also became great artists. They carved hundreds of enormous human statues called moai. How did they move such big, heavy statues. It is evident that the Rapanui moved the statues by using the trees to roll them. They were cut down to make sledges and rollers for the statues.
          It is reasonable that the Rapanui rolled the statues. It explains what happened to the trees. They were cut down to make the sledges and rollers. It is said in the article that the sledges and rollers would require lots and lots of wood. Therefore, the Rapanui would have to cut down the forest. Under A Fatal Obsession, it states that  without trees, the Rapanui could not build canoes to fish. They began to eat more birds. Then the bird popualtion started to decrease and the population of the Rapanui increase. Wood was gone and food disappeared, so a war broke out.
          The Rapanui rolled the statues because wood was needed do they cut down the trees. It all connects to each other like a puzzle. There was no trees because the Rapanui cut them all down to make sledges and rollers. By using the sledges and rollers, they were able to roll the statues. In summation, there are no aliens involved and the statues were rolled.

Thursday, February 6

Inspiration is the Key to Life!


          The way I look at it is that inspiration can lead you to success. It is basically a whole cycle. One success lead you to another, and another, and another. For instance, The Beatles were a huge inspiration to many people. Their singing encouraged many people to go out and just sing your heart out. Maybe that is the reason the members of One Direction had the guts to go out on the X-Factor stage and audition. They might have been inspired to do so. Their inspiration could have been from anyone. Their favorite singer, maybe even their own mom or dad. Look where they are at now! I'm not just talking about One Direction, I'm talking about lot's of other people, too. Maybe even you might be inspired to take a step further in your life and make a difference to yourself, to other people around you, or even the world.


          Inspirations, like famous people of historic people, can improve your life. What is a world without them! We wouldn't have any meaning whatsoever if it weren't for people who tries to encourage people to do things, or say things that would inspire other people, too. Like the famous Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. If he did not go around giving speeches to different parts of the world, inspiring people that difference in color does not matter and that we can change the unfairness in most people's lives, everyone would still be separated due to the color of their skin. See, someone like MLK can change the way people live just like that!
This is a quote by Milton Berle. It states, " If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." I means that major opportunities like college don't come to your doorstep everyday. You would have to work hard for these types of things. This quote is inspirational because it can encourage people to, instead to lounging around in bed all day, do something useful for once.


          So, I learned that inspiration does, in fact, lead you to success. Just like The Beatles, One Direction, Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's inspirations are break ups. She writes about how she feels. I could go on and on listing people that were inspired and, at the same time, are an inspiration. My QUESTION is, " Who inspires you?" Leave your answer in the comment. :). I CHALLENGE you to, for the next week, try to encourage people to just be happy. Like inspiring them to put a smile on their face. Then, you would be an inspiration.

Wednesday, February 5

What Makes Hair Grow?


          Your hair is basically cells that seep through you skin. First off, the hair roots start in a thing called a follicle. As the hair grows, it comes out of the follicle. Then it comes out of the skin of your head where it is visble. If you look closely at your body, you can see that there is hair everywhere. Well, apart from the palms of your hands, the soles of feet, and your lips, there is hair everywhere else. Everyday, a person can lose up to 50 to 100 hairs a day on the heads. you really don't need to worry about that because we have over 100, 000 hairs on our heads. Also, each time a piece of hair falls out, one always grows back in. It takes some time but eventually your hair would be good as new.


          A person's hair is designed based on a person's genetics. It means what features of your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa have that you may end up having too. When your hair comes out of your head, the cells within it become dead, no longer living. This explains why you don't hurt it while you get a haircut. In my opinion, hair is very important. If your hair is long, then in the winter time, your hair would cover you ears. It would be sort of like " protection. "

Hairs can come in different colors and styles. It can be straight, curly, or wavy. It can also be different colors. If your mom or dad had naturally brown, straight hair, it it most likely you will, too.


          Every piece of hair on your head goes through the same process each and every time. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. I learned a lot of cool stuff about hair that I did not know before. You probably did you. Did you learn anything new? Post your answer in the comments below. Since you lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day, I CHALLENGE YOU to go to sleep and then when you wake up, if you see hair on your bed or your pillow, count them and write your results in the comments.

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Friday, January 24

Underwater Secrets


          Oceans cover more that 71 percent of Earth's surface. There are 5 oceans cover the surface of Earth. The Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Indian ocean, the Arctic ocean, and the Southern ocean. More than 07 percent of Earth's water is in the oceans. The average depth of an ocean is 2.5 miles and the average temperature is about 39 degrees farenheit. The oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold!


THE PACIFIC OCEANThe Pacific ocean is the largest ocean in the world. The word "pacific" comes from a Latin word, " pacificus" meaning peaceful.  Pacific ocean = peaceful ocean.

THE ATLANTIC OCEAN- The Atlantic ocean is the second largest ocean in the world. It is between America, Europe, and Asia. The Atlantic ocean covers nearly 20% of Earth's surface. It is half the size of the Pacific ocean.

THE INDIAN OCEAN- The Indian ocean is the third largest ocean. It is located between  Africa, Australia, and Asia. The Indian ocean waters provide the largest breeding grounds for humpback whales. Also, a Coelacanth, a fish which was thought to be extinct was found in the Indian ocean.

THE ARCTIC OCEAN- The Arctic ocean is the shallowest and smallest of the 5 oceans. It is 8% the size of the Pacific ocean. In the summer, the ice that used to be about 16 million square km. shrink to become 9 million square km. and exposes the Arctic's black ocean.

THE SOUTHERN OCEAN- The Southern ocean is known as the "home of the Emperor Penguins and Wandering Albatrosses. The Southern ocean is located around the southern hemisphere.


           Oceans are used to import and export items to and from other places. Trading items with other countries are easy with the help of oceans. They are very important. In the past, early people would discover new lands by sailing across oceans in boats. If there were not any oceans, early people would have to walk, well before the Sumerians invented the wheel. They are also used to cool you down from the summer heat. Every summer, thousands of people would go to the beach to have fun. Oceans can be used for fun, for transportation, and many more!


        The oceans hold many other "underwater secrets."What would be YOUR favorite ocean? Please comment below on what you thought about oceans. If you have any questions about oceans, you can visit CHALLENGE: I challenge you to research your favorite type of animal and blog about it.Thanks for reading!